Zuora Rebrand

Inventing the new world of happy business.

Zuora tapped Butchershop to reinvent their brand—from z to a.

We kicked off with 36 hours of discovery workshops and six weeks of nose-to-the-ground research.

Zuora was originally positioned as a specialized enterprise software solution.

Although this is an important aspect of the business, Zuora is really a service that the whole world uses.

So we took a more emotional tack. We started explaining Zuora through the stories of real subscribers.

The upshot: Zuora is creating the new world of happy business.

Our designers introduced a refreshingly simple logo, photo-driven storytelling, down-to-earth colors and an illustration set full of delightful interconnections.

Next, we developed new visual language and messaging and extended them across every relevant touchpoint, from the corporate website to print, presentations, videos and ads.

We sent our video team to London to interview Zuora customers from the likes of Time, Inc. and The Guardian. We used the footage to produce award-winning customer films.

The new zuora.com sends users on a journey that clarifies the über-complicated world of subscription management. Then it draws them into the sales pipeline.

The site runs on a custom CMS that allows administrators to drop in new content or rearrange pages with just a few clicks.

Before we signed on in May 2014, Zuora had 450 booked customers. In March 2015—four months after brand relaunch—they hit 800.

In February 2015, Zuora received $115 million in Series F funding.

We like to think we had something to do with it.

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