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La Creme Leadership Summit Vienna La Creme
Summit Vienna

13 Nov 21 · 2 Min. Read
11/13/21 · 2 Min. Read

La Creme Leadership Summit Vienna celebrated the opening of the Butchershop Vienna office. 30 members of the leadership team came together in the gorgeous, historical capital city to project and plan for the year ahead. We asked ourselves “What Would Cause Our 2022 Plan to Fail,” Unit by Unit, in order to create defensible strategies for execution. The Crew also received a first look at the work the Brand Team had been putting in to create the new Butchershop® Global brand. We used our visit to Vienna as an opportunity to shore up existing relationships and establish new ones, meeting with local partners and members of the media to discuss our work in Europe. The Crew enjoyed a sightseeing day, taking a walking tour of the storied city, enjoying schnitzel and admiring the great works at the Kunsthistorisches Museum. 

Chief Operating Officer Katherine Cambouris, our resident futurist, asked us to consider: 

“Imagine it’s the end of 2022. Where are you, your unit and our company? What has been accomplished?"

Theme: Future History
Location: Vienna, Austria 
Place: Hotel Grand Ferdinand 
When: November 13-17, 2021
Attendees: 30 Leadership Crew Members 
Activities: 3.0 Brand Sneak Peek, 2022 Planning and Strategy, Media Tour, Partner Meet + Greets, City Walking Tour, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Christmas Markets 
Branded Lifestyle Kit: X Pins, Skateboard Decks Media Gifts