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La Creme
Puerto Vallarta
La Creme
Puerto Vallarta

16 Jun 21 · 2 Min. Read
06/16/21 · 2 Min. Read

Known as our inaugural Butchershop® La Creme Summit, employees traveled from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Guadalajara to join a three day summit-like experience. Our intention was to come together to grow our connections to one another and begin to define the future of Butchershop Global, a Growth and Transformation Company. Programming was focused on giving employees a clear understanding about the company's past, present, and future. It showed us that our employees can get more out of a three day summit that can carry us months into the future, rather than 365 days in an office environment. The first La Creme Summit served as a moment to plan and play. To celebrate the wins and chart a path forward as a collective of individuals. 

Global CEO Trevor Hubbard had this declaration of Butchershop Global’s commitment to culture:

“La Creme Summits are not lavish or unnecessary, they are vital.”

Theme: Working Together 
Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 
Place: Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa
When: June 16-19, 2021
Attendees: 100 Crew Members 
Activities: Firework Show, How to Give Feedback Workshop, Company Wide Beat Failure® Session, World’s Greatest Internship + Equity for Equality Presentations, Karaoke, Swimming, Headshot Photoshoot 
Branded Lifestyle Kit: Branded Adidas Slides, Brand is Everything® Tote Bags, Crew Sweatshirts, Butchershop T-Shirts