Launching a new brand in the complex world of cyber insurance

Our exposure to digital risk is increasing, and it’s not going away (Equifax, anyone?).

It’s enough to make any business owner want to throw their connected tech out with the bathwater. But with the right systems and safeguards in place, today’s tech has the power to build a brighter tomorrow. That’s the sole reason why At-Bay — a cyber insurance products and services provider, formerly known as CyberJack — exists.


They wanted to build a brand that reflected their vision of the future, so they hollered at us.

At-Bay’s team knows cyber insurance better than anybody. With years of experience, they assess and price risk more accurately than their competitors, while also actively monitoring their clients’ risk and working directly with them to control it. Cyber insurance is a complex and evolving category; new threats emerge on a daily basis and technology is superseded by more technology. While businesses know they need cyber insurance, they don’t necessarily know where to start or what the best policy for their risk looks like. For prospective customers, getting a grasp on the industry, let alone becoming experts in their own exposure, is a challenge. So the brand we created needed to reflect At-Bay’s expertise and the benefits of their products without adding more confusion and uncertainty to the mix.


It wasn’t just At-Bay’s clients that needed to better understand cyber insurance; it was a new category for us, too. Discovery was critical to building their brand. Through various stakeholder interviews, we identified our strategic insight: brokers and their clients want clarity in the complex world of cyber, and the confidence to make the right choices.

At-Bay’s closest competitors were polarized in the way they were positioned; either technical and distant or too light-hearted for the seriousness of the industry. We saw an opportunity to position At-Bay as the approachable specialist — both reassuring and supportive — with the credentials and know-how to give their customers peace of mind. They are the experts of the unpredictable in an unpredictable world.

This strategic insight allowed us to set about building a brand that was differentiated and bold. We took inspiration from visual features of the Internet, using a color palette based on HTML text and symbols synonymous with the online world.

We applied this new identity across all touchpoints, from business cards to a new website fresh with an interactive sample policy page which explains complex cyber insurance terminology in language brokers and clients can actually understand.


We articulated their story and offering in an approachable way, balancing a clever warmth with keen professionalism that made cyber insurance less daunting.

Finally, a name change was in order. We transformed CyberJack into At-Bay, a name that establishes the mission for the company: keep people’s fear of technology at bay, remove limitations, and give them freedom to innovate, succeed and get ahead.



Summer 2019