Black Lives Matter


To our fellow human beings,

We have processed a lot over the last week. Most importantly, we have reaffirmed that we have work to do on our own personal journeys and as a company. What we do next lies along a spectrum of education, support and fundamental sharp action.

Our company ethos is Help People. And we haven’t helped enough. As a company of 31 young, creative humans living in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Germany, there is no question of our unconditional solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. It is one thing to say that we passively support the cause, but we are now at a time where we must actively fight for equality, justice and anti-racism. We have a massive responsibility to create enduring change by taking action.

Equity for Equality, our new initiative to show up together:

Butchershop created a new initiative we are calling Equity For Equality, asking ALL our client partners to add 1% to every contract as of last week. These funds will be donated to organizations that support education and arts in the Black community. Butchershop will match every 1% donation made by our client partners. Butchershop’s goal is $150,000.00 raised by the end of 2020. We want to challenge our agency community to stand with us and adopt this initiative. It is something that helps us as agency service providers align with our client partners by putting ‘our money where our mouth is.’ Please reach out to join us if you are an agency who will commit to Equity For Equality. Let’s make it official. Everything we do is a choice. So we will challenge ourselves across the business as good human beings to make better choices which must be scrutinized through the filter of Black Lives Matter and our contributions to the movement.

Furthermore, our plans require patience, discipline, education, commitment, organization, and actions. Here is what we are focusing on:

  • Educate Ourselves: Create a space for us to share information and thoughts, realizing everyone is on different parts of their journey.
  • Audit Our Business: Examine our processes, practices and business to determine where we can create more diverse conversations, activations, talent pools, and contributions in meaningful ways to end racism and injustice.
  • Communicate Rooted In Action: Words are wonderful and they increase awareness, but we must be loud and share words rooted in our actions.
  • Activate From Within: Create small activations that add up to bigger movements along the path forward.
  • Support With Action: Do more for our community to give access and include more people of color through education, mentorship, employment, and resources.
  • Process Changes: By examining all that we do, we can look through the lens of “how does this impact black lives” and how might we change to be more inclusive and deliberate.

Our immediate actions here at Butchershop:

Over time, our focus will change, but it will not waiver. Here are some things we are doing now. Some are small. Some are bigger. But all are moving forward. This is what we ask of ourselves and others in our community — commit to the next right action, no matter how big or small!

Town Hall – We hosted a Town Hall at Butchershop last Friday. We spent time giving everyone in our company a voice to share what they feel, what they think and what they are doing. Our only rules were to come open, show empathy and withhold judgement. We respect each other enough to come together in this way and it was a moment I will never forget. It is what fuels the fire to do more.

Black Lives Matter Open Resource – We created a sheet that is a community living document shared company wide. This is a way for our leadership and employees to add places to Donate, Instagram accounts to follow, Butchershop actions we’d like to take, links to education, activations we love and support and ones we’d like to carry out, lists of black businesses including freelance photographers and hiring pools, brands who are showing up, programs to support and a watch list of companies and brands who need to do better or have completely missed the mark. If you would like to receive this open source active sheet, please email us.

Create Energy by Following – We started following leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement on Instagram to change what our feed looks like and to see things that we didn’t before. Here are some helpful resources we are following:


Sincerely with love and kindness,

Trevor Hubbard
CEO & Executive Creative Director
San Francisco | Europe