Using Contracts to Raise 1% for Justice and Equality

Equity for Equality: The Backstory

Our ethos at Butchershop is Help People. We put it in keystone writing years ago as the foundation for our mission, vision, purpose and values. It is the backbone of our culture here at Butchershop. Like the overwhelming majority of companies in the US, we are a small company. But, we are mighty in our ability to think, create, and most importantly, execute and take actions. 

By definition, agency means action and intervention, such as to produce a particular effect. In an effort to do more to end racism, fight for justice, and show up with action for equality, we examined our business, agency community and creative industry. We found an opportunity to create connections between agencies and our client partners in solidarity to fight for change around these systematic issues.


The Big Idea

Butchershop created a new initiative, Equity For Equality (E2). We are asking ALL our client partners to add 1% to every contract. Butchershop will match every dollar amount with our own money. So far every client partner of Butchershop has accepted, and moreover, noted that they are inspired by the simplicity and motivated to ask their business leaders to do more. We want more agencies and businesses to join us in this initiative by adopting it as part of their contract practice. We are a small, independent agency but with your support and partnership on this we could band together to raise, fund, and take action in a significant way. For example, Butchershop has a goal to raise $150,000.00 by the end of 2020. If you join us with your commitment we could potentially raise millions of dollars for organizations to fight for justice, equality, and anti-racism.

How it Works

  1. Contact us that you’d like to join Equity For Equality
  2. We will share a link to assets including messaging, icons, logos
  3. Add 1% donation to your client partner contracts
  4. Match the 1% donation from your client partners
  5. Send your funds to an organization that supports education and the arts in the Black community 
  6. Opt-in to be listed as a company supporting E2
  7. Share the quarterly amounts of money so we can include in calculations (we will not share specific amounts connected to your company name).
  8. Share our update reports with your company employees, clients, and community
  9. Feel really good about doing something simple, yet so significant

Get in Touch

It really is that simple and just takes a commitment. If you and your company would like to join Equity for Equality, please contact Dania Jimenez, Global Communications Director,



Spring 2020