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Spring 2019

Our partner Lightspeed Ventures introduced us to Rotem Iram, the CEO of a newly invested portfolio company working in cyber insurance. Insurance seemed an unlikely vertical for radical innovation, but all Fortune 1000 companies face the probability of cyber attacks, putting millions at risk. Rotem and his team of former Israeli government cyber experts were building the technology, policy, and broker tools specific to cyber without the use of actuary tables. It was an entirely new model for the industry, and a new category of product.

Alongside their leadership, we defined the brand’s strategy and higher purpose: to help companies embrace technology fearlessly. From there, the creativity took off. We changed the name from Cyberjack to At-bay to reflect the new purpose. We built the brand to feel smarter than the pack (which At-bay is), but also more enjoyable to work with than the big brokerages (also true). We took our visual inspiration from the early days of the internet to create a cadre of grids, fonts, emojis and icons. We created an interactive, easy to navigate digital policy far more advanced and accessible than competitors’.


“The launch was awesome…People are super excited about what we do – the name, the brand, the visual and verbal messaging play a big part in that.”

– Rotem Iram, CEO

In 2018, Rotem and the team launched At-bay, and secured Series A. They continue to scale, recruit top talent and increase revenue.