A brand where the most powerful fashion statement is being yourself


  • Brand Identity (Visual + Voice)
  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Naming


Winter 2020

Dote, the social shopping platform for Gen Zers to flex their fashion while shopping their favorite outfits, was battling a perception problem. They’d grown fast, but lost the human connection every great brand has with its audience in the process.

Founder and CEO, Lauren Farleigh, asked us to help create a fresh start for the company—an opportunity to rebuild relationships lost, and for the brand to reflect its values of inclusivity, connection, and self-expression.

Dote’s Gen Z audience grew up inundated by the artificiality of life online, leaving a void only raw realness could fill. We saw an opportunity to differentiate by leaning into the imperfect, and encouraging users to share their unique fashion sense with the world, regardless of follower count. This was a significant departure from what’s to be expected in both the fashion and social media categories. Redefining social shopping from an intimidating, influencer-heavy environment to a safe and supportive space where every style has a say inverted the shopping experience from brand-centric to peer-influenced. We repositioned the brand to be the place where the young and fashionable gather together to define and redefine their style. ‘In the name of us’ became the strategic idea. It inspired the name change from Dote to Buzzcut, standing as a universal symbol of self-expression regardless of color, creed, sex, or status.

We created a relatable, unapologetic voice across all expression points. Photography and campaign visuals were made from real user-generated content celebrating personal styles. A purposefully subtle visual identity maintained an emphasis on Buzzcut’s users. The brandmark—a mirror framed by four flashes—captured the user fashion journey by articulating the mirror selfie moment one has when they’ve discovered a new outfit.

Buzzcut traded in cute and glossy for empowering, imperfect, and real. The brand’s focus on actual users offers something unique, and enables a digital generation to be unapologetically themselves—one outfit at a time.