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Inflection Point
Moving Beyond Gym Bros
Fitbod came to us with an audience issue. They had a great product designed to customize to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts (from yoga fans to body builders) but most current users represented men from the midwest. They wanted to step into a wider market audience and scale up, but doing so posed a challenge to differentiating Fitbod from the sea of fitness apps, especially in a pandemic (and post-pandemic) world, where people needed workout options other than heading to the gym.
Insight & Idea
Built for Better
Here’s what we uncovered that made Fitbod truly different. Most fitness apps and brands serve up blind motivational messages that sound good, but lack the AI-driven tech that Fitbod possesses to deliver you the most personalized workouts based on your previous ones, where, when, how you chose to workout. This scientific, “progress over perfect” approach was our opportunity to stand out in a sea of sameness. We positioned Fitbod as the fitness app that motivates you with data science — not snake oil — to help you and your body get better with every single workout. This idea of changing fitness from a goal-oriented activity to a never-ending journey of momentum and progress allowed us to lean into Fitbod’s analytical expertise while still building a compelling brand narrative that sparked real drive in fitness fans looking for more out of their workout.
The Products
Consulting & Strategy
Discovery and Insights Mining, Strategy Workshop, Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture
Brand & Content
Visual Identity, Verbal Identity, Brand Workshop, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity Video, Product Video, Motion Toolkit for Video
Digital & Product
Web Copywriting, Motion Toolkit for UI, Website Digital Design
The Results
increase in App Store conversion rate after brand launch
increase in page views to after launch
increase in App Store page views on day of launch and maintained afterward