An absurdly new golden age of food



  • Campaign Strategy
  • Discovery
  • Photo + Video Production


Summer 2019

Good Eggs wanted to expand markets. They came to Butchershop looking for a way to get loud with a big idea and story to support their growth as a company.

We took a hard look at today’s dinner table. Higher standards for food are the norm, and grocery delivery is now an expectation. It’s a new golden age of food. We saw an opportunity for the brand to celebrate the cultural moment, while standing out from holier-than-thou food messages or stereotypical images of “perfect home, perfect family” that flood the market. We opted for something less preachy and more simple: strip it down to the raw – often absurd – love of food.

We decided the best way to express irrational “food-feels” was through a kid’s experience. We let that absurdity play out (quite literally on set), through an integrated campaign of broadcast, OOH, transit, social, email, and e-com – all architected to drive awareness and get more people eating and loving Good Eggs.

“[Butchershop] pushed the brand in a new direction. We LOVE what you’ve done.”
– Anne Mercogliano, Good Eggs VP of Growth

Two weeks following the launch, goodeggs.com had a 25% increase in site traffic and double the average CTR. The video campaign had a 96% VCR, far exceeding industry standards, and setting Good Eggs on a strong course to match its expansion plan.

Look for more Good Eggs shenanigans to arrive at your dinner table, TV, and Instagram feed later this year.