Helping CEOs find the billion-dollar idea inside their company with a first-of-its kind OS



Summer 2019

We partnered with Haufe, Europe’s largest HR tech and organizational consultant, to design a bold new product offering and category in the People Tech space.

Workday, Success Factors and other point solutions were developing core HR tech products and other innovative people management software. Haufe started the journey to think beyond software and create the new operating system for high-performing enterprise companies. Our role was to innovate on the hypothesis that there is a billion dollar idea inside companies. They just couldn’t see it.

PeopleOS was born. One part software, one part consulting, and one part services.

We worked to create an architecture of products as one cohesive ecosystem based on the mega challenges of large enterprise organizations. We created a structure for the offering and positioned it as a marketplace, building the brand and some of the products that fit into it.

PeopleOS was born. One part software, one part consulting, and one part services. It is the engine that powers companies to set their people free to create more value than ever imagined. It shifts the mindset from HR as an expense, to HR as a profit center.

We designed an identity that could accommodate robust product offerings, components, modules and tactics into a simplified visual representation. Messaging addressed specific needs of CHROs and CEOs so each found value. We built software for pilot customers such as Nike and Converse, and led aspects of the CoCreation summits with key customers like Daimler, Swisscom, and Haufe Group. We set up product teams with a new design language, UI strategy and UX strategy to continue building innovative solutions that fit into the product landscape. By design, we had to create systems and languages knowing the product would be developed on a long agile road map by several teams all over the world.

Today, PeopleOS is at work in numerous global companies, and a premier offering of the Haufe Group.