Creating the best 60 seconds of a CEO’s day



  • Campaign Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Photo + Video Production
  • Web Design + Development


Summer 2016

Haufe, Europe’s largest HR tech and organizational consultant, wanted a fresh entry point into the U.S. by connecting directly with some of its more prominent CEOs. Haufe U.S., under the leadership of CEO Kelly Max, was rolling out an innovative approach to connecting a company’s people strategy with its business strategy. Using a unique combination of software, consulting, and services, the new offering helps large organizations align with the future of a company’s business faster and more effectively.

The offering needed a story to grab a CEO’s attention. We came up with a compelling picture to paint – that the “future” is indeed “glorious.” We tapped young kids to deliver a list of demands as future contributors and employees in their organization, using a series of videos and an interactive website that was customized personally for each CEO, from Levi’s to Uber to Vice Media. We used direct social and email to get the campaign in front of CEOs, sparking dozens of conversations across the market.

The impact of the campaign in the U.S. was so successful, the European arm of Haufe implemented the campaign in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. What resulted were numerous multi-million dollar deals with top European companies, and a new line of product offerings from Haufe, which Butcheshop helped co-create and launch.