Instabase finds its identity and $1B valuation


  • Brand Identity (Visual + Voice)
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Web Design


Spring 2020

Instabase came to us by recommendation of not one CEO but several. Founder Anant Bhardwaj interviewed more than half a dozen companies we’d worked with in the past before making the partnership official. Zenefits, At-Bay, Copper—all agreed that we were the right agency to help Instabase prepare for its upcoming launch and valuation.

One of the biggest challenges for a brand like this is explaining its wholly new, completely unparalleled platform to a broad audience. And Instabase—a virtual tool kit capable of automating much of the manual labor of enterprise operations—was no different. To connect the dots for an audience seeing something new for the first time, we had to capture both the nuances and the revolutionary possibilities of Instabase’s platform. 


We started with a metaphor: the Erector Set for Enterprise Ops. As an internal device, it helped us develop visual and verbal identity systems that communicated the small-scale, tool-like capabilities of the platform, but also the large-scale, build-anything potential of it. The company’s consensus-based approach to decision making validated our strategy. If one person thinks it’s a good idea, that’s great; if 10 do, that’s unimpeachable. Reflecting how they operate as a team and how their product functions in a single concept created unification of brand across all expressions.

Shortly after Instabase launched the brand, the company was valued at over a billion dollars, earning it a prominent story in the Technology pages of Bloomberg. The headline: “Instabase achieves unicorn status and finally explains what it does.”