Mountain Hardwear Fall 2019

Gearing up a legacy outdoor brand for the D2C market



  • Campaign Strategy
  • Environmental Design
  • Experience Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Photo + Video Production
  • Production + Installation
  • Web Design


Summer 2019

Mountain Hardwear wanted to reboot its image in the outdoor industry. Born in the early ’90s, the legacy brand had an aging audience and a traditional retail model. They wanted to embrace a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts and behave like a fresher direct-to-consumer brand.

We drove creative direction, content, and event experiences for the Mountain Hardwear team to leverage on social, retail and e-com in order to get the industry reacquainted and re-energized about the brand. We focused on the maker culture and freethinking ethos that defines the Mountain Hardwear way, using psychedelic undertones and mash-ups of both the analog and the digital to express the technical build of their equipment and the creativity of the climbing spirit.

The effect was a revived POV for Mountain Hardwear where the established climbing core and the new mountain enthusiasts both had a place within the brand, on the rock wall, and at the local mountain.

Mountain Hardwear Spring 2020