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Winter 2020

Few brands have the cultural cachet that Nike has earned. It’s one of the strongest, most recognizable global consumer brands, yet rarely does the average person get a glimpse into the sports behemoth’s internal culture. The lack of exposure made talent acquisition difficult for both applicants and recruiters, because it left a huge part of the brand’s ascension to its iconic reputation lingering in the shadows: the global talent that drives the company forward.

We partnered with Haufe to evolve Nike Inc’s career site, including subsidiary brands Converse, Jordan, and Hurley. The entire career product was reimagined, starting with a bold concept to approach it as a consumerized experience. We built a custom UX tool dubbed “Find Your Fit”, which helps applicants highlight their unique talents, strengths, and interests to calculate a career path and match them with open positions within Nike Inc. It leveraged Nike’s legacy HR technologies, integrating into their hiring workflow without a hitch while our re-engineered back-end created a more streamlined tracking and management system that unified their HQ and global recruitment teams.

The site’s content was rooted in Nike’s sports history and global influence, illuminating their internal culture across the world. We produced +40,000 photos and +100 hours of video content across 12 different global cities, from Los Angeles to Shanghai. A deeper personalized touch was created by localizing the site in 12 different languages, including Japanese and Russian.

Nike’s new career site hits the trifecta of a consumerized digital experience, powerful storytelling through content, and a technical product that handles massive global application demand while helping applicants find personalized career swim lanes. Site traffic increased 45% and user sessions by 47%, which led to +596,575 monthly job post views and a 74% increase in ‘Apply’ clicks and 50% reduction in bounce rate

An intentional goal behind the build out of a proprietary product like this was to create a vertically agnostic platform that could adapt and mould to any hiring environment. In executing the Nike Career Site build, we were able to seamlessly recreate the experience for the Converse Career Site, using the same proprietary modules and platform technology. The productization of a new career platform showed the effectiveness of a consumerized hiring experience for future companies looking to join a better way to build and manage their talent.

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