VR and the future of human connection


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Package Design
  • Video Production


Summer 2019

Butchershop partnered with Oculus at a critical point in the company’s trajectory. Advances in VR were beginning to open up new applications beyond traditional gaming and into mobile and social VR. Oculus wanted to expand its product and content lines to lead this evolution in VR, but needed a clear market vision to do it.

Over the course of 18 months we worked with multiple teams within the Facebook/Oculus organization. Our work provided strategic and creative paths to help the brand move into these new consumer markets.

We helped Oculus drive cohesion within their brand and product ecosystem of software, hardware, applications and content, developer community, product partnerships, and a wider, less gaming-focused consumer. Our work touched upon everything from packaging, retail design, digital advertising, and influencer programs, to mission-critical initiatives in brand content, events, partnership branding, and a large-scale, multinational user study on social VR.