Elevating a SaaS company to be always on



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  • Web Design + Development


Spring 2016

Identity management is the currency of a technologically connected world. Okta’s platform helps companies manage identities by securely putting the right people in front of the right tech at the right time. They were transitioning from a startup to a major security player in the global market, and needed a brand that reflected their billion-dollar valuation and soon-to-be IPO status. Okta’s founders, Todd McKinnon and Freddie Kerrest, knew what we previously achieved for Zuora in the SaaS space. We got to work.

Okta’s platform was ingrained into the fabric of millions of people’s working lives, and its reputation for reliability led us to our “Always On” North Star. The idea influenced every expression for the new brand, standing as a trusted embrace for the security challenges organizations face across the globe.

“The Okta rebrand was the catalyst that solidified who we are as a company with a visual identity to match the company’s immense growth.”

— Ryan Carlson, CMO

A clean design inspired by the Okta Aura logo visually reinforced their secure, closed system. An inviting color scheme brought humanity to tech. We simplified technical products with clear, compelling stories to guide and inform customers. Customer success videos highlighted their platform’s deeper value—helping their customers’ customers.

The momentum generated from the new brand, their ongoing growth, and continued product innovations served Okta in securing $75 million in funding. In 2017, CEO Todd McKinnon announced Okta’s IPO at a $1.5 billion valuation. We’ve since operated as Okta’s go-to agency for matters of brand and marketing, including for their annual user conference, Oktane.