Okta’s Jim the IT Guy Makes A Long Awaited Return

COVID-19 quickly changed the world. Brands scrambled to find meaning, react to changes in the market with their customers, and to identify both seen and unseen long term impact. How long would this all last? 

A lot of brands missed the mark and tried DESPERATELY to connect with their customers in “meaningful ways” when day-to-day life looked shockingly different. It felt like a lot of the brand behavior was making sure “you were still with them.” Many companies sought to meet the moment with gravity – somber vows to “stay by your side” during times of crisis. And maybe the first sad video hit customers right in the feels. But they quickly lost their potency when every Hulu pre-roll featured piano music and b-roll.

What if, instead of heaviness, we used humor instead? That sort of tone adeptness has inherent risk. Especially for tech companies who aren’t really looked at as humorous. But Okta is different. They tackle security and identity issues with integrity. They fight for freedom of choice in their industry. Their award-winning internal culture reflects their changing employee needs. All of these qualities and traits show up in their fearless marketing and communications team.  The  long established trust between our crew and theirs allowed us to collaborate on some bold moves, with a willingness to dig deeper and trust their brand equity among their customers. 

As the trusted leader in identity-driven security, Okta had a clear opportunity to talk about their product while everyone was working remotely, but more importantly, we found a way to engage and entertain. A move like this is founded on the knowledge that people need a dose of lightness with the dark, and that a great brand can connect with clients without selling them on sadness.

We brought back a beloved character from past Okta campaigns (Jim the IT guy). We peeled back the curtain and showed you inside Jim’s apartment as he socially-distanced, sheltered in place, and hung out with Okra, his not-so-chatty friend and co-host. Butchershop wrote six scripts and with the help of Gunslingers, remotely directed Jim the IT Guy to ultimately cut these short, quick videos for the Okta-sphere (people in Okta’s world). 

The light-hearted videos not only delivered on the laughs and received pop culture status reviews, people connected one level deeper. Butchershop also got to prove that it is possible to shoot campaign videos 100% remote with zero people, other than Jim and Okra in the house. Thus proving that the new way to work…well…works. To view the full series and pass time with Jim and Okra, click here


  • SaaS & Technology


Summer 2020