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  • Brand Identity (Visual + Voice)
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Design
  • Motion Graphics & Animations
  • Web Design

Corporate gifting has gotten stale and impersonal—think gift cards, small cash bonuses, and bulk products. For companies concerned with establishing strong workplace cultures, employee recognition and appreciation are powerful currencies. Snappy is the much needed, all-in-one enterprise gifting platform, bringing the true essence of giving back to the world of work.

Snappy cleverly recreated the gifting process for the digital age, where recipients feel the same excitement of “unwrapping” their digital gift, but with the freedom to choose from a range of gifts they actually want. Leveraging the joyful spirit of giving, we clarified their story, purpose, and impact across workplaces far and wide by anchoring the brand around the moment of the delightful reveal. Their mascot, Snappy, became a kind of brand liaison, maintaining a large presence across the brand and product experience, from web to gift delivery to ads. Snappy’s brand now stands as the champion of a re-personalized gift experience, helping companies transform a tired process into a driver of employee appreciation and recognition—one gift at a time.