Inflection Point
Most enterprise company culture kind of sucks.
To compete for talent in the age of startups, larger companies were shifting focus to an importance on internal culture as a currency for current and potential hires. Snappy’s enterprise gifting platform filled the void by offering companies a way to create workplace environments that emphasized employee recognition alongside gift options people would actually like. With little competition and an untapped echelon of the market they were ready to shed their salad days for an enterprise-ready appeal, without losing any of their charm.
Insight & Idea
The place where happiness works.
Gifting is an ancient tradition intimately tied to human connection. Snappy wasn’t just about better gift options, they were reviving the act of giving from a transactional gesture into a heartfelt experience. We underscored that truth, capturing the nostalgic feeling of delight you had opening a gift as a child, and subtly insisting that good internal cultures couldn’t be bought, but they could be built through one of the oldest ways of connecting.
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