Designing and building the next-generation fast data platform.


  • Web Development


Spring 2019


We build products. And we love working with early stage companies and founders with big ideas. So when our friends at Lightspeed Venture Partners introduced us to the founder of Streamlio, Karthik Ramasamy, the conversation went right to how we could support him in building the front-end of a platform that easily manages “Apache Pulsar capabilities” for complex streaming, data-driven platforms.

We built a web-based, single-page application (SPA) built in React.js utilizing D3.js for rich, interactive data reporting and management functionality. It provides data center professionals with tools to visualize, analyze, and manage complex, large scale streaming data environments.

Butchershop created a usability and design architecture around the user experience and then implemented a web-based user interface to manage the many components on the Streamlio platform. We developed a unique workflow with their platform engineers to deliver the front-end components and modules. Working in Invision to design, prototype, and review features with Streamlio’s product owners and technical team, Butchershop was able to quickly move to user interface feature development, integrating and iterating with Streamlio services.

Our engineering, UX, design, and PM teams efficiently integrated and collaborated with Streamlio’s business and engineering departments, using agile processes to quickly design, build, validate, and iterate. The human-centric design systems were important in making the Streamlio platform an enjoyable user experience while also intuitive for the user to access, visualize, and manage large, complex data.