Giving Uber’s global employee network the tools to succeed

The relationship a company has with its employees is essential to building culture and momentum around a vision. Uber approached us to create internal communications for their global employees regarding privacy and security at the company. We knew how important this was to their mission.

We worked with their Privacy and Security team to create a new format for education, awareness, and adoption of important reminders, policies, and best practices for all of Uber’s employees. Every employee around the globe would review the content, learn it, and live it. It needed to be an enjoyable experience, not just informative.

We used policy-driven and best practice information to produce a concept that increased employee viewer engagement—a metric that would highlight the success of this video’s content. We invented two security and privacy obsessed Uber employee characters to lead viewers through the world of Uber best practices. In the first video, they lead an augmented-reality tour through Uber HQ. To keep the content fresh and the information current, we produced a second video a year later. The characters became news anchors, allowing for a variety of topics, guest appearances, and other news themes to keep a massive employee audience engaged and familiar with the voices and faces who were delivering their Privacy and Security information.

The content and user journeys are credited for reducing the amount of incidents company-wide, and keeping employees engaged on the importance of Uber being a security and privacy-first company.


  • Copywriting
  • Video Production


Fall 2019