Empowering the new world of work with Zenefits


  • HR & Talent Management
  • SaaS & Technology


  • Brand Book
  • Brand Identity (Visual + Voice)
  • Environmental Design
  • Event Design
  • Photo + Video Production
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Web Design + Development


Summer 2018

Zenefits came to us with a perception problem. The HR tech startup had skyrocketed to a 4.5 billion-dollar valuation in only four years. With its meteoric rise, they experienced growing pains: new leadership, new products, and new (and not always pleasant) public perception. A reinvention was in order.

New CEO Jay Fulcher and CMO Kevin Murasco came on board with a vision to take the company in a fresh direction. They needed help repositioning the brand to support a new business model and offering, rally a bruised internal culture, and invite a growing set of customers into Zenefits’ world.

We saw an opportunity to differentiate from the category by focusing on the employee experience and how Zenefits’ tools could help foster strong company culture. We helped articulate a strong point of view for the brand that was missing from the HR tech category—one that recognizes that the way people work is constantly in flux—and positioned Zenefits to truly behave as a partner to help people navigate the changing world of work and the complexities of HR.

We landed on the brand idea “In it together” that allowed us to tell a powerful story throughout the new brand experience: the website overhaul, internal office environment, company manifesto, content, product design, and launch campaign.

We also repositioned their annual user conference from product-focused announcements to a first-of-its-kind event we called Shift: The Culture Conference. The one-day event focused on the role of culture in shaping workplace success, featuring keynote speakers like Arianna Huffington.

Since the repositioning Zenefits has regained its valuation and leadership in the SMB category.