Welcome to the world of happy business



  • Brand Book
  • Brand Identity (Visual + Voice)
  • Brand Strategy
  • Discovery
  • Event Design
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Photo + Video Production
  • Web Design + Development


Winter 2015

In 2014 the consumer experience evolved. Zuora’s subscription platform redefined the way consumers consume their favorite products and services. A relatively new SaaS vertical, the subscription economy lacked a coherent market story. Zuora needed to express why their subscription platform was the way of the future for B2C customer success.

Zuora’s underlying impact was how it enabled any company to transform itself into a subscription-based company—a more compelling, personalized way to provide goods and services. We focused the brand on its customer’s customers to bring the real life subscribers to the forefront. It endowed Zuora with a strong POV and story — they were “creating the world of happy business” by giving companies everything needed “from z to a” to build relationships with their customers.


The happy customer was an anchorpoint throughout the entire identity. Illustrations displayed the connectedness of subscribers and the subscription businesses. OOH ads introduced the customer as the star of the show. Photo-driven storytelling focused on real people doing real things.


A robust, modular website with an intuitive sales pipeline made the transition from interested to customer more streamlined. We produced awards-winning customer journey videos. We also branded their first-ever user conference, Subscribed.

Six months after the brand launch, Zuora had doubled customer acquisition and received $115M in Series F funding.